Monday, February 7, 2011


You know, gifts come in all sizes, shapes and forms.  There is the gift of sunshine.  We have that gift today and it's a real blessing after the last few days (and days and days) of clouds and bad weather.  We live in Nebraska so it's understood that we will have those cloudy, bad weather days in January and February, but they really make you appreciate the gift of sunshine when it comes! 

There is the gift of love from family and friends.  Sometimes this comes in unexpected forms and you're taken back, totally, by the generosity of it all.  Sometimes it comes on the end of the line, whether it's the phone line or the internet line, and just knowing that someone is out there and cares is all the gift you need.  Sometimes it comes in the form of family jumping in to make sure that you get the moving truck unloaded and things get settled in your new place.  Sometimes it's just looking at their pictures around the house and knowing that we're all tied together in lots of ways.

There is the gift of health.  We certainly can appreciate that.  As my son battles a little chest cold we are able to thank God that it's just a cold and that we are healthy and strong.  All of us. 

There is the gift of the life lessons that God places in front of us each and every day.  Yes, these are gifts although they may not feel like gifts at the moment we are learning them. 

I thank God for all of these gifts and more today!

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