Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Still Learning

You know, I'm relatively new to this whole blog thing.  I've know about them for a while, but never really "checked it out" until recently.  I LIKE IT!  It stirs up all the creative juices in me, everything from the look of the pages to the writing!  I'm having a great time and I hope you are too! 

It's kind of crazy!  I was telling my cousin about it the other day; it's kind of like when I first learned how to use the computer.  Remember that, back in the olden days?  I was scared to death that I'd push the wrong key and life as we knew it would stop because of what I'd done!  The first few days in my office, I tried a few "safe" things-typed a letter or two, took some notes, played a game (don't tell anyone).  I was in the middle of a lesson plan for a class when everything on my screen just froze.  Oh my gosh!  What had I done?  I was on the phone to my husband immediately (I didn't want my boss to know I'd broken his new computer).  He talked me through several steps and it all came back, magically.  How exciting!  I kind of liked this new toy!

Each day I became braver.  Now I'm learning all about this thing called a blog and blogging.  Wow!  There's a whole other world "out there!"  Who knew?!  I just finished writing my first pillar article.  For those newbies, like me, it's a cornerstone of where I hope this blog will go:  finding the humor in life, learning some life lessons, and having fun. I'm still tweaking it but keep your eyes tuned!  One day soon, I'll let you see what I really think!

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Akindman said...

As we continue down our path to become bloggers, discovering new things daily, meeting new folks and exploring the blog world community, it is like being a kid again in the toy store. Who would have thought retirement could be so exciting and learning new things - many of which are acturally useful!