Friday, February 11, 2011

What A Beautiful Morning!

Don't you just love mornings this time of the year?  The sun is rising BEFORE eight o'clock. It was actually light outside at 6:45 this morning.  It's not so frightfully cold, inside or out.  I even heard a few birds this morning.  (My sister will tell you that I have a "thing" for the birds outside).  The snow is melting.  I even see patches of grass outside my window.  Not in my yard, mind you, but the neighbors have some grass showing and it gives me hope!  The weatherman says we will gradually rise into the 50's over the next week!  Thank You, God!!

Maybe the groundhog will be right this year.  Maybe spring will come early.  I love springtime, don't you?  Everything coming back to life.  The grass turning green again.  Buds on the trees.  The birds coming back to my birdfeeders.  More squirrels in my yard (not sure about that one this year).  The pollen in the air (OK, maybe I don't relish that part so much).  It's like everything just stops for the winter and we all go into hibernation here in rural America.  We do the things that must be done and a lot of the extras just get put on hold.  The month of January has always been a hard one for me and I think this must be the reason.  Even with every effort to plan things to do and places to go, January is just a difficult time for me. 

But once we get to the middle of February, it's like someone flipped my switch back on and I can hardly wait to start each new day.  I've rested during the winter, my hibernation is over, and I'm ready for new adventures!  I wonder what new things God will send my way today?  I can hardly wait!

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