Monday, February 28, 2011

You Want Me to What????

I think I've mentioned here a few times (OK, a LOT of times) that I'm a teacher.  This is a label that I did not give myself.  It's one that I've known my whole life I had.  There has never been any doubt in my mind that I was put on this earth to teach and over the course of my fifty-three years I have taught a lot of subjects and even more people.  I've taught little tiny folks and grown-up folks; I've taught new moms (and dads) and old moms (and dads).  I've taught middle school students and high school students (thank God I was in a church for those folks.  I needed all the help I could get)!  I've taught public school, preschool, and Sunday school.  I've taught staff members, community members, and anyone who would listen.  I've done my best to teach my son.

But while I was teaching, I was learning.  Way beyond any information I was imparting to my classes, was what they were teaching me!  As I look back on what has been thirty five years in education, I am overwhelmed by the lessons that I have learned from every one of these people, young and old.  Little did I know, as I entered college to get my education, that I would receive much, much more than I've ever given. 
I thank each and every one of them!

And now I'm at a new junction in my life.  We have moved to this new community and when people ask what brought us here, I am honest and tell them that I don't really know.  We were both ready for a change.  We both wanted to move closer to family and friends.  We picked up a map and after some investigation on the internet, we chose a community that sounded good.  When we visited here, everything felt right.  It was decided...this would be our new home.  Most people choose a new home, a new community because of their work or because they've decided to retire there.  Not us, we chose here because that little voice I talked about a few days ago, told us this was where we were supposed to be.  We had made a list of the things that we would like to have in a new place, and within the first hour we were here, we found every one of them.  We are supposed to be here.

The question then became, what are we here for?  My son continues to work on his technology business and I continue to paint, both the interior of my home and the folk art pictures I love.  I give piano and voice lessons.  And more and more I know that I am being called to do something much bigger than I ever dreamed possible.  It's a scary time but what an exciting time!  I'm all about life lessons, so I keep asking myself what it is I'm supposed to be getting from all of this. 

Well, here is what I've far:  life isn't meant to be played safe.  We are created to reach out and attempt the impossible knowing that there is a power much greater than ourselves that will guide us, if we let it.  I've been forced, through my unemployment, to step out of the safety net and trust--trust those around me, trust myself, but more than that trust that all things work for good.  I have been amazed at the opportunities that have opened for me in just the last few days.  And I am thankful for the lessons that I continue to learn...from all the 'students' I'm teaching.

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