Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter Bunnies

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You should see the yard across the street from mine.  As I sit here looking, there are deflated bunnies and ducks and eggs of all sizes and shapes laying out there.  There are pink ones, and yellow ones, and chartreuse ones.  There are plastic ones and vinyl ones and nylon ones.  There is a yellow duck, about as tall as me, and an egg train with a bunny engineer that covers a big portion of the left side of the yard.  The porch is decorated with plastic eggs, one side spells out 'Happy Easter.'  There are egg kites hanging from each of the windows.  It really makes my yard, which just has two bare lilac bushes in it, look pretty boring!

What could I possible do to decorate my yard that anyone would even notice when passing by?  Let's see....I could paint my house pink and decorated like a big egg.   Hmmm.....then I'd have to paint it again after Easter.  I wonder if they have a giant sized bunny, house sized like the Paul Bunyan we saw in Minnesota?  I could put it right here outside my office window and then everyone could see it.  But I wouldn't be able to see the blue jays and cardinals in my bushes. 

Did you ever see the episode of the Home Improvement when he was competing with the neighbor over Christmas decorations?  Or how about Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase?  Isn't that just crazy?  I like to have some holiday decorations around.  Some friends probably think I even overdo it a little bit, but compared with my neighbor, I'm a pauper!  It was the same at Halloween, and Christmas.  Thanksgiving he only had a couple of inflatable turkeys.  The yard really looked bare, but it wasn't long until the yard was full of the Christmas spirit!  Thank goodness! 

It's a lot of work for this man to decorate like this.  I marvel at the energy he puts into all of it!  I can't even imagine what it all costs!  I haven't met these people yet, but I certainly have enjoyed living close to them.  I'll bet they are people who enjoy life.  I've decided that I'm going to go introduce myself one day soon.  (I really just want to go walk through the yard.  Remember when you were little and the Easter bunny was so exciting?  He's back!!!!  Across the street from me!!!)

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