Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Without a Computer

Good Morning, World!  It is good to be back amongst the computer-living again!  I opened a bad email the other day and got one of the nastiest viruses my computer tech had seen, so for three days I've been without a computer.  I didn't know what to do with myself!

It's just amazing how dependent we become on these silly machines.  I thought I'd send a birthday card to my cousin...his address was on my computer.  I thought I'd check a recipe...on my computer.  I thought I could work on some assignments I've given myself....notes were on my computer.  My goodness!  With nothing else to do, I cleaned my house and decorated for Easter.  Once that was done I wandered around like a lost puppy.  I was just lost without my "friend."

Once I began to make the adjustment I found things to do.  I read not one, but two, good books.  I sorted through some old clothes.  I just sat and watched the snow fall.  I don't know when I've given myself permission to do nothing like that.  It felt good!

You know, these machines are wonderful.  They allow us to connect to friends and family across the globe and to access information at the speed of light, but I wonder about being so very dependent on them.  Is it really necessary to be that attached?  Or is it simply that we've allowed it to become a habit:  get up in the morning-just check the emails,  after breakfast-check facebook and update blog, after lunch-check both again then do some research to work on assignments, just before the evening meal-check one more time.

Being connected is a good thing.  We know that people who are able to visit with others are happier and healthier.  When people can't get out due to weather or health or age, this tool is wonderful but it is just that...a tool.  It's how we choose to use it that really matters.  I know friends that are accessing their accounts, and they have several of them, all day long on the phones.  Even at work, they are chatting with me and sending messages.  Not really a good thing to be doing! 

I think it's important to be careful that we don't allow this 'tool' to use us instead of the other way around.  I really did enjoy the time away from it after I adjusted.  I'm also glad to be back but I think I'll try to manage my time a little differently now.  I'll do my best to remember that this computer is something I enjoy having.  It saves a lot of time.  It is something that makes managing my life easier, but it is not something that manages me.  I will enjoy it, now that it is back, and I will enjoy shutting it off a little more often to do something else.  It's perfect timing; the weather will be getting warmer so I'll enjoy the deck more.  I'll enjoy the yard more.  I'll enjoy being away from the desk more.

I do so appreciate having my friends back!  I missed you all very much but I'm signing off for today!  Have a good one!

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