Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Gonna Be a Great Day!

What lies behind us and what lies before are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
- William Morow

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I have had a week!  Lot's of activity in preparation for the back-to-school activities of the church that I work for:  meetings, phone calls, sending things in the mail, lunches, and more meetings.  I had many private conversations with people that really took a lot out of me.  By yesterday, I felt as if there was not much left for me.  It was time to fill my bucket.

I spent some time writing.  I love to write and put my thoughts and feelings down on paper.  It's a good way to get them all out of my head where I can really examine them.  It can also be a way to go back at some point in the future and see where I was. 

I read a book, or part of one.  I love to read mysteries.  Putting the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out who did it are always a fun and relaxing time for me. 

I spent some time in prayer and talking with God.  I took a lot of those things I'd written down and passed them on to the one who can actually do something about them.

I sat on my deck, since it wasn't so hot outside, and watched two squirrels chase each other around the trees and then lay nose to nose on a branch just off my deck to rest.  I listened to the birds sing and talk to each other.  I watched a couple of butterflies flit around the bushes.  And then I watched the storm clouds build.

I mowed my yard.  It is not a favorite activity of mine but one that needed to be done and always makes me feel so good when it is finished. 

I talked with my son about his computer project and learned that, after five years of planning, his creation is nearly done.  I marveled at his dedication and ability.

I finished the day by watching a good, favorite movie. 

When I laid down in my bed, I realized that my bucket had, indeed, been almost entirely filled.  Nothing majorly important took place.  No lotteries won or specific prayers answered.  But I was renewed.

We all need 'down' time like this.  It is easy to forget that when we're lying on our deathbed we will not be concerned about how many meetings we had or how many programs we created.  We will be filled with the relationships we have created and maintained.  We cannot build those relationships if we have nothing left of ourselves to give.  We must fill our own buckets before we can fill anyone else's.

It really was a great day! I wonder what today will bring?

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