Friday, August 19, 2011

There's a Storm Coming In

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As I sit here at my desk I look out at the world passing by my window.  There are cars that pass on their way to or from home.  It is closing time for most businesses so many of these people are probably on their way to something important on this Friday evening.  The trees are still as they always are when a storm approaches.  Once in a while I notice the branches of my lilac bushes move just ever so slightly, but mostly everything is calm.  The clouds moving overhead hold many shades of white, gray, and blue but they are clouds full of moisture and seem to get heavier with each passing minute.  There are no birds singing or cicadas chirping.  There are no squirrels running here and there.  Only the people are moving.

Isn't that interesting?  All of nature seems to know that something is about to happen and has taken cover, but the human beings, in their cars and trucks and on their motorcycles don't stop.  I wonder if that is because they believe themselves to be superior to nature or they just don't care about what might come. 

I think that we human beings could take some lessons from nature.  I've been known to ignore my fair share of storms, but sometimes the storms of life require you to stop and pay attention.  I did this the other evening as a storm was approaching.  I sat on my porch and watched it build until it was raining and blowing so hard that I couldn't see outside any longer.  Only then, did I decide to step inside my house into real safety.  But watching the might of nature is awe-inspiring.  To see just how quickly it can change from sunshine to torrential rain and wind is something to behold!  It should not be taken lightly, nor should you panic with each storm.

Just like life, the storms come and they go.  We learn to 'ride them out' in whatever way works best for us.  I have a friend that goes to the basement any time the weather begins to look bad.  She also is terribly aggrieved by human 'storms.'  It brings her to tears to observe people fussing and fighting, even if she doesn't know the people involved.  Another friend doesn't seem to notice the storms.  He sleeps through them all.  It is the same way with people 'storms.'  He just seems to rise above all the fray and won't allow himself to be sucked in to the rampage.

It's always interesting to sit at my window and think about all of this.  My son would tell me that I could be doing so many other, better things.  Tonight, on this Friday evening, I'm enjoying watching the clouds, the storms, and the monarch butterfly that just passed by my window. 

Louisa May Alcott

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