Sunday, September 18, 2011

Forget Yourself for Others and Others Will Not Forget You!

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Millie was a mentally handicapped adult who lived with her mother in a small town.  She was known for her proverbial "green thumb" as a gardener.  Lawns, hedges, and flower beds flourished under her loving attention.  Millie also "volunteered" by cutting grass and weeds, raking leaves, and planting flowers in vacant lots throughout the town.  She was known for her "oil can."  She always carried a small can of lubricating oil to any squeaky door, hinge, or gate she encountered. 

On Sundays Millie went to church with her mother.  When teased, she refused to respond in any way other than  with good humor and unflappable cheer.  When Millie died, everyone in town showed up for her funeral.  There were scores who traveled from distant places to attend, including many of those who had once teased her.

Without consciously attempting to do so, Millie exemplified good citizenship.  She worked hard, was an optimist, eased tensions, and was a faithful church member.

Others really do notice the small things we do for them in love and kindness.

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