Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Greatest Achievements Are Those That Benefit Others

Several years ago the soap opera All My Children called for high-society philanthropist Brooke English to move into a homeless shelter to better understand their plight.  Julia Barr, who played Brooke, felt prompted by the part to take some real-life action of her own.  She became a participant in First Step, a New York City job-readiness program for homeless and formerly homeless women.  The eight-week session included one-on-one mentoring, resume advice, access to job internships, interview clothing and pep talks from people such as herself.

Says Julia, "I know how it feels to lack motivation and self-esteem.  I tend to procrastinate; I'm rarely on time; I'm rather bossy; I'm very stubborn--we all have things that hold us back and so I share mine."

Julia is not only giving her time but also her money.  When her maternal grandmother, Myrtle, died at the age of 104, she left Julia "a nice amount of money."  It was all donated to First Step.

Julia Barr has one Emmy award and six nominations, but those in First Step will remember her for the care she gave to them.

To be the greatest, be a servant.
Matthew 23:11

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