Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Best Antique Is an Old Friend

A woman was in a serious automobile accident in a city far from home.  She felt so enclosed in a cocoon of pain, she didn't realize how lonely she was until a "forgotten" friend in the city came to visit her.  She firmly but gently said to her, "You should not be alone."

In the weeks that followed, this friends advice rang in the injured woman's ears and helped her to overcome her otherwise reserved nature.  When another friend called from a city several hundred miles away to say she wanted to come stay with her, the injured woman didn't say, "Don't bother"--as would have been her normal response.  Rather, she said, "Please come."  The friend was a wonderful encourager and nurse to her, reading the Psalms aloud when she was still too weak to read herself.  Then yet another friend offered to come and help in her recovery.  Again she swallowed her pride and said, "Please do."  This friend stayed for several months until the injured woman was able to care for herself.

Even Jesus did not carry His own cross all the way to Calvary.  He allowed another to help shoulder His burden.  It's all right to ask for help and to receive help.  You don't have to "go it alone."  Let a friend help you.

Your own friend and your father's friend, forsake not... Better is a neighbor who is near (in spirit) than a brother who is far off (in heart).
Proverbs 27:10

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