Friday, March 30, 2012

The Thirty Maybe's

Maybe love has always been
Maybe we made up hate
Maybe we don't find God because we don't look
Maybe this is heaven
Maybe we invented hell
Maybe there is always hope
Maybe we pretend there is not
Maybe we know all the answers
Maybe we ask the wrong questions
Maybe we can share this world
Maybe we don't have to fight
Maybe we wrote the script
Maybe this is our choice
Maybe we need to learn
Maybe we need to remember
Maybe we forgot who we are
Maybe we will recall the truth
Maybe we can relax
Maybe we can all calm down
Maybe we can recognize each other
Maybe we can recognize ourselves
Maybe it is all a dream
Maybe we will soon awaken
Maybe there is no mine
Maybe there is no yours
Maybe there is just ours
Maybe we know this
Maybe we just don't realize it
Maybe we soon will

Diarmuid Cronin

This will help us to resist the temptation to focus on material concerns at the expense of spiritual responsibilities.
Matthew 6:19-34.

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