Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Life I Have But Once To Live

This life I have but once to live
These days and years are my great Treasure
I'll give to Life all that I am
And ask from her in equal measure.

I'll fill each hour to the brim
I'll give my very heart and soul
To Life, because I know for me
To truly live must be my goal.

The cautious ones would shake their heads
And say perfection cannot be,
This Dream I have is but a dream
Unknown to Life's reality.

But thou perhaps, dost also dream
Perhaps thou thinkst the same as I
That those will never know the best
who have no faith and dare not try.

If this be so, then be my Friend
Come, dance Life's Dance with me
Hold me strong that I thee hold
Living now, What Might Be.
Dr. Sami Sunchild 

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