Monday, February 21, 2011

Wait Just a Minute!!!!!

I want to know who turned down the thermostat!  Last week was just beautiful!  Temperatures in the fifties and sixties, lots of sunshine, the birds were singing out my window, and the snow melted away.  Even yesterday, with its clouds and gentle rain, was nice.  Thunder and lightning reminded us all that spring is just around the corner!

Then the wind shifted and blew my trash can across the yard.  I guess this was to let us know that things were changing.  And did they ever!  It is cold this morning-twelve degrees with a wind chill of two degrees.  And I want to know...who ordered this?

No little birds outside my window this morning.  I'm sure they're "hunkered down" somewhere out of the wind.  My little squirrel buddies haven't even shown their little heads yet today.  It's like God saying, "Ha, Ha!  Fooled you!"  Maybe He was just giving us a much needed breather after a long winter full of cold and snow.  Either way it was wonderful, wasn't it? 

Isn't that first warm day after the long winter always the best day of the year?  The sun feels so wonderful!  The birds start to come back.  There's even a little green in the grass.  People are out and about more and everyone is  full of a little more cheer than you've seen for a while. I wasn't the only one to fire up my grill.

Yes, spring is coming--soon.  A few more days of winter will make us appreciate those warm days more and it won't be too long before we'll hear folks complaining about the heat.  But for today, I'll go get my sweater!

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