Friday, March 11, 2011


Commitment:  an agreement or pledge to do something in the future; something pledged; the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled. These are some of the definitions of  the word commitment according to Merriam Webster's dictionary.  While there are those who believe that I should be 'commited' (that is a whole other post that I will write later), I am talking about the act of committing-to something or to someone.  When you are committed you promise to do something, to be faithful to something or someone, to fulfill an obligation. All of us commit to something every day; maybe it's your job or your marriage or your church.  

Yesterday I watched my nephew play in his last basketball game of the season.  This is not the first time I have watched him play, nor will it be the last.  He is committed to basketball.  Not only does he play during the school year, he plays during the summer months as well in a city league with games every weekend and practice at least once every day.  That does not count the extra work that he does at home and in the weight room.  He is committed.  

Then there are my friends.  Many of them are celebrating their thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries (or close to it).  They found each other in high school and they have remained committed to each other all this time.  What an accomplishment, especially in today's 'throw-away' world!  They are committed.

I have a wonderful lady who has just started taking piano lessons from me.  She is my age and has started lessons several times before, over the years, but life always seemed to get in the way.  She has decided that this will be the time.  She is passionate about learning not only how to play but to play well this time.  She is committed.

As I was thinking about this, this morning, I began to wonder about the difference between being committed and being unwaveringly committed.  I am including an article by Lori Hamann on the Faith page of Simply Faith.  Please take a minute to read through it, but as I was contemplating the difference between being committed and being unwaveringly committed, I began to try to remember the times in my life when I have been 'unwaveringly committed' to something.  What am I 'unwaveringly committed' to today?  Sometimes there are unpleasant consequences for being committed to something at this level.  

There is the very real possibility that those closest to you will not understand and may even ridicule you for your choice.  It may mean, like my nephew and my piano student, that extra time and effort is required.  There may be monetary challenges.  As in the case of my friends, it may mean compromise and understanding with love and God being the center of their unions.  

But to be unwaveringly committed to something that you know is right for you, is to feel the hand of God touching and guiding your every step.  There is no feeling like it as you become empowered beyond your wildest imagination.  You trust, you know, you understand that there are no other options for you but this one.  You understand that there are going to be challenges but you are prepared to face them knowing that whatever comes your way, you will face and persevere. 

So, I ask you this morning to consider what it is that you are unwaveringly committed to today?  Is there anything?  If so, what is it and what, exactly, are you willing to do or not do for it?  If you can't think of anything, why not?  Remember that still, small voice I talked about a few days ago?  Maybe it's too still and too small.  Maybe it's time to 'tune in' and listen to what it's telling you.  We all have something that God put in us to be passionate about.  What is yours?

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