Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a Day for a Daydream!

You know how a song will get into your head and you just can't get rid of it?  Well, for me, it's not really the song, but the title.  What a Day for a Daydream has been running through my head for days and days now.  What do you suppose that means?  I'm a little young for The Lovin' Spoonful but I know the song.  I wouldn't say that it's a favorite, but it's a song that I can sing to and as with most songs, I appreciate the lyrics. 

Maybe it's spring fever.  The warmer weather certainly encourages me to get outside and enjoy the trees and the birds.  The wind is not so fierce today, so I think I could go out without worry of being blown to Virginia from here and the sinus headache is receding (always a sure sign of spring for me) so maybe if I spend a little time 'daydreaming' today, my head can move on to the next song. 

Do you listen to the songs in your head?  It seems I always have one playing up there.  They can range from classical to pop to jazz.  I think that's how God talks to me sometimes.  I always feel His presence when I'm singing and I hear his messages through the songs He puts there.  I am amazed at how easily I can hear Him when there is music wrapped around the message!  I think that's why we each have our talents.  Some of us hear Him better through electronics.  Some hear Him through their writing.  Some hear Him through their quilting or their artwork.  He gave us all a direct connection to Him and I believe that's one of the ways He uses our talents. 

You know, the average person has around 60,000 thoughts in their head each day.  The interesting thing is, tomorrow will be almost the same 60,000 thoughts that you had yesterday.  They don't really change much.  It's like that movie loop that just keeps playing over and over again, until someone shuts it off.  Did you know that you can change that loop?  You have the ability to be aware of what is 'playing' in your head and to change it, if it's not helpful to you. 

Sit back, sometime, and take a look at what's playing in your head.  Is it good stuff?  Is it helpful to you in some way?  Then take action on it!  Make it happen.  If it's not helpful, if it's not a message that enlightens you in some way, turn it off.  Just like the television set or the radio, turn it off.  You don't have to be critical and berate yourself for what was there.  Just acknowledge that it was there, thank yourself for whatever message you got, and shut it down.  When I catch myself in a negative loop, I just acknowledge it and send it on it's way with the statement, "Thank you, but I choose to think positive thoughts today." 

I know a woman who has learned to catch herself in the most negative of loops.  She will continually berate herself for past errors and for just being who she is.  When she catches herself doing this, then she creates a new loop berating herself for creating the first negative loop.  She's taken the first step in 'watching' what's going on up there, but she's not able, yet, to simply shut it off.  We all have to go through our own processes to learn life's lessons.  Sometimes those processes take months or years.  Some will take a lifetime, but the goal is to keep learning, to keep listening, to keep moving forward.

Do some daydreaming today.  Listen to what's really happening in your head.  Watch it move through your head, just as if you are watching the movie that is all about you.  You are the star of the show!  Notice the lessons and turn the rest off!

What a day for a daydream, friends!


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

What a thoughtful post! I am finding such wisdom here. I also find joy in sining, and think that any God who can love this singing voice of mine must be a kind and generous God indeed!

I loved your take on our thoughts. 60,000 thoughts, and then the same thoughts again tomorrow. How sad! Let's break that open and find new thoughts! I think that in daydreams, we find new ways of thinking.

Off to download the Lovin' Spoonful now!

Thanks for helping to change at least one of my 60,000 thoughts!

Ereline said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts! I must say, I have a new song this morning. I had the most beautiful Cardinal in my lilac bush which made me think of "The red-red robin goes bob-bob-bobbin' along." Oh my!!! Blessings for your day!