Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Good Laugh is Sunshine in a House

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Peggy was nervous about the upcoming dinner party she and her husband were about to host.  It was their first time to have guests for dinner since the birth of their son, Pete.  To top off Peggy's tension, the guests included her husband, Bill's, new supervisor.
Sensing the tension in his parents, the baby became irritable and fussy, which only added to Peggy's frustration.  In an attempt to comfort little Pete, Peggy picked him up, raised him high over her head, and kissed his bare tummy.  To her surprise, he smiled and giggled--the first genuine laugh she had heard from her young son.

In an instant, the evening took on an entirely new tenor.  Peggy became more relaxed, and Baby Pete relaxed as well.  The dinner party was a great success.

Can the laughter of a little child change a day?  Yes!  So can the laughter shared between two adults, or the chuckle prompted by the memory of a funny event.

When you're feeling "stressed out," don't allow yourself to explode in anger.  Get alone if you have to, but find a reason to laugh and watch the stress melt away!

The light in the eyes (of him whose heart is joyful) rejoices the heart of others.
Proverbs 15:30

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