Friday, October 28, 2011

Do Not in the Darkness of Night, What You'd Shun in Broad Daylight

Herbert V. Prochnow has constructed a 10-part "Character Quiz"--an interesting checkup as to just how much we might choose to be "children of light:"

1.  If you found a wallet with $1,000, would you give it to the owner if no one knew you found it?

2.  If you could advance yourself unfairly, would you do it if no one would ever find out?

3.  If the bus driver failed to collect your fare, would you voluntarily pay it?

4.  If there were no locks on any house, store, or bank, would you take anything if no one found out?

5.  If your business partner died, would you pay his relatives their fair share, if you didn't have to?

6.  If you were an employer, would you hire yourself at your salary?

7.  If you were an employer, would you like to be working for yourself?

8.  If you are a parent, would you like to be the child of a parent like you?

9.  If you had a choice, would you like to live in a community with people working in church, civic, and community affairs like you do?

10.  If you had to live with someone just like you for the rest of your life, would you count it a privilege?

The night is far spent, the day is at hand:  let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light.
Romans 13:12

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