Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Makes Up These Rules?

I am the oldest of four children.  As such, I was always being told to "act my age."  Now, at the time, I never really understood that; I thought I was!  After all, just exactly how does a twelve year old behave?  I remember wanting a doll for my birthday that year and being told that I was too old for those kinds of toys.  Who makes these rules?  I'm fifty-three years old now, and I still can't figure out where these rules come from!  Who decides what nineteen year olds "should be," or thirty year olds, or fifty-three year olds?

You know, I've run into some "issues" in my life because I refuse to be or act the way I am "supposed to."  In fact, I was told recently by someone very close to me that I should get my act together and behave as someone my age should behave and yet, when I asked exactly how that was, I didn't get an answer.  I'm just supposed to know.  Well, guess what?  I do know and I am. 

Most days, I feel like I'm nineteen again and I can do anything.  I don't let what other people think I "should" be or do, determine my path.  Yes, there are those days when I feel like I'm at least fifty three years old (and probably more).  I have aches and pains and I'm cranky and just generally out of sorts, but I don't allow those days to become my norm. 

I know this is the only life I'm going to have on this earth and I'd better make my days count.  I can sit at home and feel badly about the way some things have gone in my life, or I can enjoy all the things that have gone right and look forward to more!  I choose the latter!  I want to be like that little cardinal who landed in my front yard yesterday.  It's way too early for cardinals in Nebraska but there he was, all by himself, splashing in the melting snow puddle on my sidewalk.  Good for him!  He may have to weather a snow storm or two but he is obviously strong of character and wise enough to weather the storm. 

Hmmmm.....birds of a feather?

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