Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forgiveness is Giving Love

When There is No Reason To

Lisa was shocked when she discovered that David had run up thousands of dollars on every one of their credit cards.  Not only was she furious about the mountain of debt, she was frustrated with herself for not recognizing David's habit of compulsive spending.

In the days that followed she wondered if she could ever trust her husband again, and whether they would ever be able to get out of debt.

Rather than wait for something to happen, she took two bold steps.  The first was to convince David he needed help, and the second was to seek out a financial planner.  She learned if she carefully monitored family funds, they could be out of debt in a few years.  This brought hope for her financial future of their marriage.

Another turnaround in their marriage came when David asked Lisa to forgive him.  She found that forgiving David freed her to turn away from the matter of money and to focus on their relationship.  She decided it was possible to love someone even though they had "messed up."  Forgiving made rust possible again, and once trust was re-established their marriage began to be healed.

Forgiveness turns the heart away from what was and is, to what can be.  Is it time for you to take some bold steps?  If love is your motive, be encouraged.  Situations can change.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Matthew 5:7

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