Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Cannot Do a Kindness Too Soon

Because You Never Know How Soon It Will Be Too Late!

William McKinley served in Congress before he was elected the 25th President of the United States.  On his way to his congressional office one morning, he boarded a streetcar and took the only remaining seat.  Minutes later, a woman who appeared to be ill boarded the car.  Unable to find a seat, she clutched an overhead strap next to one of McKinley's colleagues.  The other congressman hid behind his newspaper and did not offer the woman his seat.  McKinley walked up the aisle, tapped the woman on the shoulder, offered her his seat, and took her place in the aisle.

Years later when McKinley was President, this same congressman was recommended to him for a post as ambassador to a foreign nation.  McKinley refused to appoint him.  He feared a man who didn't have the courtesy to offer his seat to a sick woman in a crowded streetcar would lack the courtesy and sensitivity necessary to be an ambassador in a troubled nation.  The disappointed congressman bemoaned his fate to many in Washington, but never did learn why McKinley chose someone else for the position.

Acts of kindness can lead you to prominence.  Then, from that position of prominence, you can be kind to even more people.

But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called "Today."
Hebrews 3:13

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