Monday, September 26, 2011

Those Who Deserve Love the Least Need It the Most

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On their way back from a meeting of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, Father Demetrios Frangos and father Germanos Stavropoulos were in a car accident. A young woman high on PCP drove into their care while they waited at a stoplight and both priests were killed instantly. The woman, a legal secretary with a seven-year-old, had no previous police record, but admitted to having used drugs for 10 years. She was charged with murder and several other felonies. The tabloid headlines were especially vicious, referring to her as the "priest killer."
Father Demetrios' son, George, responded with forgiveness, not anger. He offered to help provide the woman with a lawyer and hoped if she was convicted the sentence would be short. He said, "The last thing my father would have wanted was to make an example(of her). This woman is anguished and troubled to begin with...we have to look after the innocent one, the child. It is extremely important that her child be told that we forgive her mother."
George Frangos loved his father and grieved for him, but more important to him than "legal justice" was "divine justice."

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