Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?


It is a beautiful morning here in Nebraska!  There is not a cloud in the sky, the birds are singing their various melodies outside my window, and there is a gentle breeze blowing the limbs of the trees.  In my mind's eye, this is what heaven must look like, only even better.  It makes me think about a friend of mine who is ill and unable to get outside as much as she would like.  She has cancer and will, in all likelihood, die from it.

You know, I am amazed at her outlook on life.  She is finding only the good things to focus her attentions on.  Even as her hair begins to fall out, she is excited at the prospect of being able to try new wigs and hats.  She's always wanted to try different hair colors; now she's going to do that.  She says she'll have a different color every day.  I marvel at her ability to find the good in everything she sees right now.  Her sense of humor is just amazing; she finds joy and laughter everywhere.  And I thank God for all the lessons she is placing before me.

Lesson #1.  What are you waiting for? 
This is the only life on this earth that we are going to have.  What is it that you need to do to make your life better?  Is there someone you need to make amends with?  Is there something new you'd like to try?  Have you always thought that 'someday' you'd do things differently?  Whatever it is, TODAY is the day!  There is no reason to put off any longer the things that you need to do to make your life your own.  It is a choice that you make every day, either you will or you won't.  You don't need to think about it any longer.  You don't need any more information.  Just go do it!  The difference between people who are living their dreams and those who aren't, is that the ones who are living them have chosen to take action on what they know is right for them. 

It is scary to step out of the unknown and do the things that you'd like to do or that you know you should do.  We feel safe and comfortable in what we are stuck in, even if it's not what we want.  It may even be bad for us, but it's comfortable, it's safe because it's the known.  The unknown frightens us. 

My partners and I have been talking about that very thing this week.  There are so many things to learn when you're starting a new business.  We are all (bite-your-tongue) middle-aged and so are not as "up" on things as we would be if we were younger, technology kinds of things.  Talk about stepping out in faith!  I am humbled every day by the lessons placed before me and just how much I do not know.  There are many, many times that I would happily fold it all up and put it back on the shelf to remain there until 'someday' when I'm more prepared for all of this.  But then the question becomes, just when will that be?  How will I know that I'm ready?  How will it be different from now?

You see, my friend didn't have any choice in this matter.  Her life was changed in the blink of an eye.  She didn't have the opportunity to sit back and contemplate all the angles and probabilities.  Her choices were made for her and she is doing her best to find the good in everything placed before her.  Her choices are limited, but she is making the best of each that she has.  She could sit at home and feel sorry for herself and her family.  She could choose to dwell on the limited time she has and make herself and everyone around her crazy in the process, but she is choosing to embrace her life, just as it is.

Most of us are fortunate; we have the ability to make our own choices.  We may not find them easy, but they are our choices to make.  Be grateful that you have them.  Seize the day and just make a decision.  Do whatever it is you need to do TODAY to live the life you know in your heart you are here to live.  Take that step of faith. 

My friends at Simple Truths have a wonderful video that I would encourage you to watch.  It tells the story of exactly this kind of faith and trust.  It's a short film.  Please take the time. Let me be your mother eagle.

 Even Eagles Need a Push by David McNally and Mac Anderson.

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Marion Williams-Bennett said...

It's a beautiful day here today, and I saw a son taking his elderly mother out for a walk. She's in a wheel chair, but you could see her reaction as he pushed her down the street - the lifted her head up the the sun and drank it all in.

It made me do the same thing. You are so right, the time is now, our lives are now. Savor each moment.